Why Natural Wine?

At Wild Things Wine, we believe that wine should be fun, wine should be easy, wine should be natural...  

When we say 'natural' we mean wine that was made by an actual person - someone that cared about those grapes on the vine and whilst they were fermenting.  A winemaker that cared enough to not take short cuts, but to produce without any chemicals or other additives.  Wines that were hand harvested, fermented with indigenous yeasts, that were allowed the time to do what they wanted to do without intervention.

We are passionate about seeking out the best natural wines so that you can enjoy wines that are free from additives, that are farmed organically or biodynamically and that are made by small producers committed to traditional processes.

For those of us who prioritize our health, choosing organic groceries and locally farmed produce where we can, natural wine is essentially alcohol's equivalent.  The majority of wines offered in supermarkets are mass produced in factories and, more importantly, made with many different additives.  There are more than 60 government approved additives that can be used to make these wines and create a standardized product.

Natural wine is exact opposite of this.  The wines we select are made in small batches by wine makers using minimal intervention.  Grapes are farmed organically or biodynamically and are often hand picked.  Fermentation happens spontaneously using native yeasts and nothing is added throughout the process, sometimes excepting a small amount of sulfur at bottling if necessary.

It's a very different process to commercial wine making and that is evident in the product - wines made by people who love doing what they do, wines that feel vibrant and alive, wines with lower sugar and lower alcohol so that you can feel good about drinking them.